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Healthy Custom Meals


On a strict diet or contest prep? Choose your own healthy custom meal combination by choosing your protein, carbs and vegetables, and choose your desired portion sizes.

With a few clicks we take away the stress that comes with planning, shopping and cooking in order to continue your journey towards healthy nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Then place your healthy food order and pick it up on the go at our store in Barry’s Daybreak Inniscarra, or let us deliver it right to your home, office, gym, workplace or wherever you are.

Healthy food and clean eating – Let’s start a revolution.

From €6.50. Create your own delicious meal.

Dinner Ideas – Create your own Custom Meal by choosing your protein, carbs & veg, and your desired portion size below.



    • Protein3.45 €

    All Weights indicate weight after cooking.

    Optional Extras

    • 1 €

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