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    Signature Curry

    Signature Curry Signature Chicken Curry Dish with wholegrain rice and mixed veg Total Protein Total Carbs Total Fat Total Calories 51 44 33.5 715
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    Veggie Shepherds Pie

    Vegetarian version of our Shepherds pie with mixed vegetables topped with mash potato Total Protein Total Carbs Total Fat Total Calories 8.51 60.33 4.42 312.31 This meal is Dairy Free
    Energy: 312.31 kkal
    Protein: 8.51 g
    Fat: 4.42 g
    Carbohydrates: 60.33 g
    6.95 Add to cartRead more
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What our clients say

In the past I have signed up to many different meal prep companies as I live a hectic lifestyle. I was never fully satisfied until I came across BodyFuelz Meals. I cannot recommend them enough. The meals are always freshly made and my favourite thing is being able to see the calorie per meal and macro breakdown. I get my meals delivered to my workplace in Cork City and they are always in absolutely perfect condition!

Anna Downey

When you're a full time athlete training twice a day, combined with sleeping and lots of my time spent on different treatments like physio/ sports massages/gym sessions, I find you have little or no time to be preparing meals, that's where the lads at BodyFuelz came in to play a huge roll in my life. A huge thank you to for supplying with me with top quality nutrition in the build up to Rio 🍝

Rob Heffernan

We are delighted to be sponsoring professional women's soccer player @deniseosullivan100 with our healthy meals.

Denise O’Sullivan

We were delighted to have our staff catered by BodyFuelz yesterday! @pwc_ireland  We have wanted to get a meal prep company with healthy food options into our Cork Office for some time now and BodyFuelz provided our staff with a wide range range of nutritious lunches for our staff! If you are a business/office around Cork City and are looking to get some catering options brought in for your staff, we couldn't be happier with the foiod BodyFuelz Delivered to us, so we couldn't recommend their services enough! The food was delivered to the office with a huge welcoming smile too which always adds to the service, thank you @bodyfuelz for providing some tasty yet healthy meals for the staff in the PWC Cork Office yesterday!

PWC Ireland

Such a great food service. From the moment we made a large order to the moment the food was delivered, the BodyFuelz Team were great, catering for the different requirements for both the Cork City Men & Women Squads after training sessions and home games. The convenience of the meal prep company, saves the team hours of cooking in the kitchen and meal prepping. The selection of food is exceptional. The packaging for the food is neat, tidy, compact and easy to eat out of. A Customer Service Representative also reached out via email checking in on us during the first 2 weeks to see if the lads were enjoying the food deliveries each week.No complaints and will continue to use this service and recommend others, especially team environments.

Cork City FC
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    900 Lucerne Terrace, Orlando, FL 32806
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