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We are an innovative healthy meal preparation company. At BODYFUELZ we allow you to pick from our menu that we’ve created or you can build out your health food meals according to your specific plans; a luxury we are the first in Cork to provide. We don’t limit our clients on choices and don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We understand that every client is different and has different needs and goals.

Why don’t you have more items on the menu?

Even though our menu is extremely comprehensive we still don’t have certain things on there. If there are enough requests for a particular food item we will put it on the menu. When we started we didn’t have salmon on the menu but the request for it was overwhelming so it only made sense for us to add it. Currently, we are working on a Vegan menu because we have received a lot of inquiries regarding that. If there is a particular food item you would like to see please reach out to us.
I’m new to dieting.

Can BODYFUELZ suggest a healthy meal plan to me?

Unfortunately we cannot here from our office. We only serve as a facilitator in our clients’ path to eating healthier. We suggest you work with a certified nutritionist, and have them set up a meal plan that works well for you. In dieting there are no cookie cutter solutions. Every client has a different goal and different needs.

What is the purchase minimum for delivery?

Our meal minimum is 6 meals per order for delivery.

I live close to BODYFUELZ Inniscarra, Can I just pick up my order ?

Of course you can.. We are located at Barry’s Daybreak Inniscarra, Co Cork. Orders can be picked up from 7am to 9pm Monday through Sunday.. We encourage all of our local clients or clients visiting Innsicarra to stop by and see our facility.

What are BODYFUELZ hours of operation?

We begin our week on Sunday; however, only our kitchen staff is present on Sunday. Our office staff is present from Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm responding to emails,calls,Facebook messenger as well as executing our day to day operations in regards to orders and delivering.

I have some questions. How can I reach Bodyfuelz?

You can do one of two things: call 021-4871946 or email us at We recommend email.
Email is much more efficient as we have four (4) staff members responding to emails throughout the work week. If emails are submitted after 6pm they will not receive a response until the following business day. Also, if emails are sent on non-business days during Friday and the weekend they will not receive a response until we resume our normal hours of operation.

What is the typical turnaround time when I place my order?

Our delivery days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday. Please have your order in by 4pm the day before to guarantee delivery on those days.  Collection is available Monday through Friday with orders in again by 4pm the day before.

What is the shelf life of the meals?

Meals can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 3 days and more have a shelf life of 6 days. Meals can be frozen up to three months.

Can I customize my signature Meals?

There is no customization of any signature meals. The meals are as is and there is no substituting.

How do I heat my meals?

If heating at refrigerated temperature, pierce the lid and sometimes you will need to take ramekin out first and heat for approximately 2-3 minutes on high in the micro-wave. Add additional heating time to meals if needed. Can be heated in the oven for 20mins apporx.

I am a fitness competitor, mixed martial artist, and/or professional athlete. How can I be a part of the BODYFUELZ team?

All athlete submissions should be directed to Sean Barry; BODYFUELZ athlete liaison. Please contact Sean at We receive many inquiries and athlete sponsorships are limited.

I am a retailer and/or gym owner. Can BODYFUELZ provide me with meals to sell in my store and/or gym?

Yes. We are currently talking with many retailers and gyms throughout the county. Please contact us at for further information and pricing.


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