“I want to be strong I don’t want to be skinny..” There is a huge difference. 🙌🏻 Recently I have received SO many Snapchat messages in particular from young girls under 16 as young as 13 asking questions like e.g. “Is it possible to loose a stone in a week” I have got such an eye opener as to how big the problem is with young girls battling eating disorders etc as young as 13 😳 this isn’t right, I didn’t know what weighing scales were to I was probably 18 & even then it was rarely I stood on them they weren’t something we had at home & I thank my parents for that today as my childhood/ teenage years were so carefree & happy. If I’m ever lucky enough to have a daughter in the future she will be told how beautiful she is everyday instead of having weighing scales in my bathroom I’ll have nutritious foods in the fridge I will teach her that food is not the enemy, I will take her from a young age to exercise & enjoy it as part of her lifestyle to be fit & healthy. I ran the fields & played for endless hours a day at 13 I didn’t know what I weighed or what “I should” weigh. Yes times have changed etc but in my opinion we should be encouraging young girls to eat & exercise we are all built so different, you are not the number on the scales! Here I am heading to the gym happy as can be & after my session with my @bodyfuelz #protein smoothies filled with goodness & I couldn’t be more content. I feel for young girls growing up in society these days with the #peerpressure of #socialmedia but I think there is huge room for us to help them. 🙌🏻 Be confident in yourself & give #confidence to others especially your children.

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